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Shipping freight from the USA remotely may appear to be complicated, stressful and costly. That is not correct. Consider this AMID Logistics' Real-time online Sea Freight Calculator. It is specifically designed for shipping cargo from the USA remotely, no matter either you are in the U.S. or not. Shipping freight from the USA by using this calculator allows you to ship from the USA boxes, crates or pallets from almost any place in the world. You can arrange international deliveries from the USA on any legal commercial cargo or ship from the USA household goods and personal effects in boxes, crates, and pallets online, avoiding involving third parties or international moving companies.    

This Real-time online Sea freight Price Calculator is a part of our Online Automated System designed for shipping freight from the USA overseas. By utilizing this System you can quote and book freight from the USA in real time. You will receive complete shipping cargo instructions in an email. You generate and submit essential documents on sipping goods from the USA, receive updates and obtain your sea freight Bill of Lading online. Consider flexible payments options. This step-by-step guide link should help you to understand general procedures on shipping freight from the USA by sea. 

Click on the image below to watch a movie on YouTube about how to operate the Real-time Online Sea freight Price Calculator. Read below about shipping freight from the USA that has been purchased on eBay, Amazon or at any other U.S. seller or on an auction. The only limitation is that your shipping from the USA goods must be in boxes, crates or on pallets. You may also download a flyer on shipping cargo from the USA in PDF file from this link

ebay international shipping

Most of the time U.S. merchants, as well as U.S. eBay and Amazon sellers, support deliveries within the USA. They may ship goods within the USA for a shipping and handling fee or even ship it for free.

However, most of the time they do not ship goods from the USA overseas. Typically U.S. eBay, Amazon sellers, and other U.S. vendors will avoid to be involved in any procedures related to shipping orders from the USA. However, they never mind to sell goods overseas. If someone will arrange shipping goods from the USA to foreign buyers, then they always welcome such business. Having certain instructions, they can properly prepare orders to the international shipment. They will pack goods in shipping boxes, crates or store it on pallets, label by providing to them shipping labels and either deliver cargo to a freight terminal within the United States or submit to a pickup driver for further shipping out of USA.

Fortunately, by using AMID Logistics International Shipping System on shipping freight from the USA  you are able to arrange sizable deliveries from the USA to any country listed in our Sea freight Calculator remotely 24/7.

Please note, that our primary service is LCL Sea freight shipping from the USA. LCL means shipping cargo in boxes, crates or on pallets by the sea. We are not involved in airfreight. We do not ship motor vehicles.


ebay shipping from USA

How does it work?

Note: Use these instructions ONLY on shipping LCL freight from the USA. If you are concerned about other types of international sea freight services, then disregard it. Contact us with questions on shipping freight from the USA related to another type of service.

With AMID Logistics, shipping LCL freight from the USA is not complicated at all. Most important that at a time of purchasing goods from an U.S. vendor with the intention to ship goods from the USA overseas, YOU SHOULD CLARIFY WITH THE VENDOR EITHER THE VENDOR PROVIDES FREE DELIVERIES WITHIN THE USA OR NOT.

A. If Yes, your vendor provides free deliveries within the USA, then:

  1. Get an LCL freight price quote on shipping cargo from the USA on our website. Email the quote to yourself. Keep this email on records till you will complete your deal with the U.S. vendor.
  2. Then book your international sea freight shipment from the USA online via your quote. Get an instant email with a copy of your booking on shipping cargo from the USA. Pay a deposit. Then we will work on your booking and, within 24 business hours, you should receive an email with our shipping instructions on shipping your goods from the USA overseas.
  3. Read these instructions and, if everything is in order, forward the instructions directly to your U.S. vendor. Ask them to follow the shipping instructions to deliver your order to the freight terminal in the U.S. that is assigned in our instructions*.

B. If Not, your vendor DOES NOT provide free delivery within the USA, then:

  1. At a time of getting an online quote, select in pickup options the option 'YES. PICKUP IS REQUIRED'.
  2. Then book your international shipment via the quote and get our shipping instructions on the pickup in email.
  3. Provide these instructions to your vendor. Ask them to follow the instructions and prepare your goods for the pickup (cargo collection). We will arrange an LTL trucking company to pick up your boxes, crates or pallets for the further shipping from the USA overseas.

All further shipping procedures will be the same with regular shipping cargo from USA procedures explained in this step-by-step guide.  

*IMPORTANT NOTE! If you U.S. vendor requesting a third party U.S. trucking company (UPS, FedEx Freight, etc) to arrange delivery of your boxes, crates or pallets to a freight terminal, i.e. you have selected NO PICKUP required, then upon receipt our email with Dock Receipt/International Shipping Instructions please pay extreme attention to: 

ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE PLACED YOUR OCEAN FREIGHT CARRIER'S BOOKING NUMBER AS THE KEY REFERENCE NUMBER IN ALL YOUR DELIVERY ORDERS. DO NOT CONFUSE THE CARRIER'S BOOKING NUMBER WITH AMID LOGISTICS's INTERNAL CUSTOMER REFERENCE NUMBER!!! Your shipping freight from the USA will be recognized by freight terminal by the BOOKING NO. Then cargo will be accepted by the shipping freight terminal to the international shipping from the USA to the destination overseas. See where you can find the ocean freight CARRIER'S BOOKING NUMBER in the sample of our Dock Receipt below:

Ocean freight booking is the KEY reference





In respect of shipping freight from the USA with AMID Logistics, partial shipments are the number of smaller cargo deliveries that need to be combined into one single international LCL sea freight shipment for shipping from the USA overseas. An example can be a number of smaller U.S. eBay or Amazon orders delivered to a particular ocean freight carriers terminal (CFS - Container Freight Station) in the USA, to be consolidated in one single international LCL sea freight shipment.

Typically each LCL shipment booked with us (and shipment's booking and reference numbers) is related to only one single cargo delivery with an intention to ship the cargo from the USA as soon as possible. I.e. if all export documents are in order and there no other particular reasons to hold cargo at CFS, then each cargo delivery to CFS will be matching with the carriers booking number and released to the shipping from the USA automatically without any additional notices.

If you need to combine two or more cargo deliveries into one single shipment/bill of lading under one carrier's booking and AMID's customer reference numbers, then it must be requested in advance and approved by AMID Logistics.

If approved, then partial shipments are subject to AMID Logistics partial shipments fee $35 per every single additional cargo delivery on top of the first delivery. Ocean freight carrier's CFS storage, handling, documentation, etc fees may apply as well.

Important: Some international ocean freight carriers do not offer partial shipments service on shipping cargo from the USA. Partial shipments may be subject to international sea freight carrier's fee (if applicable). If a partial shipment is not approved by AMID Logistics, LLC till the booking, then every single cargo delivery to CFS will be processed on a regular basis such a single shipment.

Note that shipping from the USA an LCL partial cargo fits for shipping considerably sizable cargo.  Do not confuse LCL partial cargo with a consolidation of small packages into one box like

Typically SHIPPING PARTIAL CARGO LCL IS LIMITED BY UP TO 3-5 DELIVERIES WITHIN 10-25 DAYS to the same ocean freight terminal (CFS) under the same booking. If a number of deliveries or/and the time limit will be exceeded, then significant storage, handling, documents, etc charges may apply.

For more details regarding shipping from the USA any kind of partial cargo please contact AMID Logistics, LLC in advance.


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